Tips and tricks to outlive a noisy neighbor

Many know that Lexington’s inhabitants are creative people. That being sad, it might happen that once you find your ideal vacant apartment, you find out you have a creative neighbor. Maybe he just sings (actually screams) while is in the shower or maybe he plays the piano at 2am on the exact day you have to get up super-early. No matter what it does, you must handle this situation both kindly and firmly.

If your rented apartment is in a small complex, you probably know the names and the faces of all your neighbors. Politely try to talk about the situation with others, to see if they feel the same as you about the noisy neighbor...

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Six ideas to decorate your Southern house

Living in luxury apartments Lexington Ky is nice but sometimes, maybe, you feel like you can’t redecorate because it isn’t your house and you don’t think your landlord will allow you to repaint his kitchen in a bright pink (you’re right) but there are some things that you can do to give a personal touch to your rented apartment.

Most of us forget how good is to have flowers around the house. Well, it’s wonderful. They add a touch of elegance to every room, and they smell amazing. Plus, shopping in a flower market is very relaxing: you’re surrounded by any flowers, and the smell makes you want to buy everything.

Changing the curtains is also a good way to add a touch of color without overdoing...

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Tips and tricks for finding the perfect roommate

Finding a vacant rental apartment is a difficult task. Sometimes it happens that you find the apartment of your dreams but you just can’t afford it. What to do, then?

Easy! Find a roommate. If finding a nice rental apartment is difficult, finding the perfect roommate is even more difficult than that. Probably you will live with this person for a long time, so it’s very important that, if you decide to go through with it, you put some real thinking into this.

After you found the luxury apartments Lexington ky that you have always dreamt of, it’s time to approach the search of a new roommate. As you probably did before starting the search for the apartment, try to picture your ideal roommate...

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10 things that you must do when in Lexington, KY

At least once in a lifetime, everyone should visit the Bluegrass State, aka Kentucky. While you’re there, we strongly recommend you pay a visit to Lexington and we assure you, even just one day in the city will convince you to rent an apartment in Lexington.

Whether you’re planning to stay there for a day or for a lifetime, you should go visit the Kentucky Horse Park. Most of the year, you will get the chance to do a horseback riding and both children and adults really enjoy this experience through nature. Once you’re there, make sure to pay a visit to the American Saddlebred Museum, too. There’s no better place to breathe the American Heritage.

Once you rented an apartment in Lexington, is important to create new habits and these include new restaurants to grow fond of...

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